Dave Scott

Paul's epic journey in Flat Out in Pieces encompasses every human emotion of tenacity, perseverance and a relentless will to overcome his emotional and physical condition. After reading the book, there isn't a comparison with athletic feats; that are simply planned, calculated and choreographed. Paul's twisted roadmap to his recovery was defined by his compassionate wife, Christine, and their collective and endless pursuit to figure out what truly was haywire with his mind and body.

My comment may seem potent but it simply puts an exclamation point on Paul and Christine's persistence to never give up.

Reading Paul's story, there is an undying theme of many 'fears'. Fear of the unknown, fear of disappointment and fear of commitment all surface in his struggle to return to normalcy. However, there is one fear that never stopped his journey - the fear of failure. Paul never allowed himself to fail.

Flat Out in Pieces is hard to believe but Paul's conquest was real.

DAVE SCOTT is the six-time IRONMAN World Champion who was the first person to be inducted into the IRONMAN Hall of Fame.